TTS – Tag Testing System

TTS – Tag Testing System

$5,450.00 (1 pcs)

Tag Testing System is a complete, portable, and inexpensive kit that allows you to evaluate in real time the functionality and the performance of passive UHF RFID tags.

Tag Testing System (TTS) is a solution to verify in real time the functionality and performance of passive and semi-passive UHF RFID tags by processing, with an ad-hoc algorithm, the signals exchanged between tag and reader during communication.

The system, consisting of a reader, an external antenna and dedicated software, evaluates the ignition power of the tag for each operating frequency (1 MHz step) in the ETSI band (865 -868 MHz) and FCC band (902-928 MHz)

Practical, light, and functional, the kit includes a query module and a graphical user interface for acquisition of data, which can be exported in PDF or Excel format.


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 52 × 68 × 38 cm

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IT – Italy



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